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Scott Tooby (DANM '17) and DANM Associate Professor Susana Ruiz featured in San Jose L.A.S.T. Festival

Wednesday, April 5, 2017 - 11:42am

Scott Tooby's (DANM '17) artwork, Sonic Mirror, will be showcased at the 4th L.A.S.T. Festival in San Jose, which opens on Friday, April 7, 6-9pm.  DANM Associate Professor Susana Ruiz, whose work specializes in games as forms of activism and art, will also be at the LAST Festival. She will be speaking at the Technology for Peace panel on Saturday at 1pm. 

L.A.S.T. (Life, Art, Science, Technology) is an interdisciplinary event that helps reshape the cultural environment of the 21st century towards a multidimensional form of individual and social creativity. The festival seeks to inform, educate, mobilize, catalyze and maximize best ideas and opportunities for individual empowerment by connecting the public to leading technological and artistic innovators of Silicon Valley. At the same time it seeks to foster an open dialog between engineers and artists on the future of art and tech and how it impacts our world. The L.A.S.T. festival presents interactive multimedia art installations (the Art Expo), inspirational talks by luminaries on cutting-edge technology and science, and interdisciplinary panels on how technology and science impact society.