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squinky kiai (danm ’15) on the road

Friday, October 3, 2014 - 7:00am


October 9-12 – IndieCade, Los Angeles, CA
I’m super proud to announce that Coffee: A Misunderstanding is an IndieCade finalist and I will be running a performance at the festival! I am also speaking on the “Influences” panel, wherein me and several other really smart game makers will talk about things that aren’t games that have influenced our work and why.

October 16-18 – Meaningful Play, East Lansing, MI
I’ll be giving a keynote speech called “Lessons Learned in Ruining Videogames”. I’ve never done a keynote before. Should be fun! *gulp*

October 25-26 – Queerness and Games Conference, Berkeley, CA
I’m one of the conference organizers this year, a first for me. We’ve got a really exciting lineup of speakers, workshops, and microtalks, to which I look forward! Plus, I’ll be running a game of Coffee: A Misunderstanding.

November 8 – WordPlay, Toronto, ON
I’ll be running a game of Coffee: A Misunderstanding, as an international special guest!

November 10-11 – Montreal International Games Summit, Montreal, QC
I’ll be giving a talk called “Designing a Game out of Cardboard and Duct Tape”, wherein I talk about making Dominique Pamplemousse.

November 14-16 – PRACTICE, New York, NY
I’ll be giving an in-depth design talk called “Designing Awkwardness”. I will also be running a game of Coffee: A Misunderstanding on Thursday the 13th, for the Indie Tech Talks series.