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talk - scott nazarian "building a better starship"

Wednesday, December 10, 2014 - 2:00am to 4:00am
DANM Dark Lab, DARC 108, UCSC

Scott Nazarian is the Executive Creative Director at Frog Design. In the last decade, his work has been primarily digital with frequent, convergent cross-over into physical material and forms. He says, "Spanning the PC and mobile web, entertainment ecosystems, enterprise controls and commercial environments, this hybrid space between digital and physical is a cornerstone of my abiding interests in human productivity, smart infrastructures and the future of the built urban environment.”

Scott will present his talk "Building a Better Starship":

"If you subscribe to the notion that interaction design makes an important contribution to the somewhat broader endeavor of systems design, then you will no doubt appreciate that many of the most challenging problems and perhaps rewarding insights may arise from considering systems – and their attendant interactions – at scale.
This presentation embarks upon a poetic thought experiment (suspending for a moment the more intractable human issues within our immediate sphere) in which we explore the essential tenets of a design challenge the scale and complexity of which the world has not yet seen: the design of a starship capable of interstellar travel. With very little meditation on the technical challenges this may pose, the presentation narrative focuses on the necessary evolution of human enterprise, including economy, governance and infrastructure that might be necessary for the actualization of such a proposal."
- Interaction Design Association

This talk is hosted by Professor Brenda Laurel's class Creative Strategies for Designing Interactive Media. It is free and open to the public.