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DANM MFA Exhibition Fall 2020

Image of goddess from Marjan Khatibi artwork "Virtual Empowerment"

Marjan Khatibi "Virtual Empowerment"

Friday, December 4, 2020 - 12:00am

The Digital Arts and New Media MFA Program presents:

Evie Chang & Marjan Khatibi

DANM MFA Fall 2020

Open December 4 2020, on view at

Marjan Khatibi - Virtual Empowerment
Virtual Empowerment is an immersive experience and visual narrative in the form of sociopolitical fiction. The project is designed to inhabit both virtual and physical spaces. I use virtual reality (VR) technologies and installation since these technologies can provide an immersive interactive experience for the audience to interact and understand. I critique the patriarchal conditions of contemporary Iran by contrasting them with a narrative of powerful female figures from Persian mythology. My goal is to reflect contemporary problems by criticizing the obstacles and limitations women in Iran struggle with on a daily basis and present an alternative, even fantastical representation of true stories.


Evie Chang - Buddytale
Buddytale is a game exploring our attachments to virtual pets and the nature of our relationships to them. The game invites players pick out and care for their own virtual buddy and play through snapshots of their life together: their first meeting, picking out a toy at the pet shop, comforting them during a particularly bad storm, and so on, until they must say goodbye.