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Irene Gustafson

Associate Professor
Film and Digital Media
Research Interests: 

My research interests are located very broadly within visual culture studies with an emphasis on film/video theory and production. Specific areas of research include: non-fiction film/video, essayistic and experimental film/video, and queer and sexuality studies, animal studies. My video work has screened nationally and internationally and my writing has appeared in Camera Obscura, Journal of Visual Culture, The Moving Image JournalCinema Journal Teaching Dossier, In Media Res, and [in]Transition


Most of my work, in both video and writing, has coalesced around a discrete but also broadly generative question: what are the relationships between what we see and what we know? in the course of answering this question, I've explored both the power and weakness of images, the relationship of images to the contexts of their production and reception, and have developed a mode of working that moves between writing and image production.