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Performing with Digital Media: "Subject B" (Spring 2007 - Winter 2008)

Full proposal: MS Word 40KB HTML Version

This project group is taking participants through the process of creating one or more live collaborative performance pieces integrally involving digital media and digital enablers. Through the three-quarter process, we are carrying the works from conception to scripting, to the design and integration of the digital media, to actual performance in such a way that the media not only supports the performances but motivates them from within. Plays, for example, are created in which the media serve not only as support, but also act as a “performer” in the presentation. The digital media actually help drive the plot of such a play.


The final production:

Subject B’s Confession

Theater Arts and Digital Arts + New Media co-production

Written by James Bierman

Directed by Ted Warburton

Friday–Sunday, February 22–24, 2008

Thursday–Sunday, February 28–March 2, 2008


It’s 2016, and everything has gone wrong. All U.S. citizens and legal visitors have been injected with Radio Frequency Identification Chips that enable the Department of Homeland Security to track their every action — and even their thoughts. The only hope for redress lies in the hands of three courageous women working out of a cybernetics lab in northern Mexico.