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sonicSENSE (Spring 2009 - Winter 2010)

sonicSENSE is a collaborative platform created by Jennifer Parker and Barney Haynes which uses a diverse array of computational media, robotics, electronics and more traditional visual arts media to create an interactive environment for participants in both physical and virtual space. The goal of the project is to forge dynamic ongoing relationships that link artists and viewers in dialogue through an inter-connected system of reactive interfaces.


Participant interactions with a variety of robotic and mechanical sculptural nodes generate new audio-visual content within the sonicSense platform and new libraries of sound and data are collected and disseminated. The platform currently includes a number of sculptural nodes that allow the viewer/participant to produce audioscapes, data projections and mechanical noises. These are collected and distributed through live and on-line interactions.


Parker and Haynes have embarked on a series of art exhibitions, panel discussions, university courses and workshops for artists, scholars and students – including the 2009-10 Mechatronics Collaborative Research Group – in order to develop the sonicSENSE platform.


solarSONIC, an exhibit created by the 2009-10 Mechatronics Collaborative Research Group, was part of the Cielo/Sky II exhibition in Santa Cruz Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain.