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Rey Cordova: Walled In

An American Ritual

Rey Cordova - Walled In: An American Ritual, Artist Statement

WALLED IN: AN AMERICAN RITUAL is an installation/performance that is directly inspired by Henry David Thoreau’s book “Walden”. The performance shows a day in the life of a self proclaimed poet-patriot as he attempts to reconstruct and reconcile with the American essence. Run time approximately 30 mins.

“In a Post-American United States, self-proclaimed patriot poet emerges from his cabin to lead a highly anticipated ritual of reckoning. Runes/symbols of the country of old are used in relation to the body to let out a good old fashioned American Yawp. He takes place in exciting events such as consuming gut soup, speaking in verse, and participating in subconscious visual therapy all in an effort to identify the American essence.

CW:  Mentions of trauma, consumption of canned food, excretion of bodily fluids, and some sexual imagery.

Full performance: