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Rory Willats: Come, Fur(r)ies, Dance: Desire and Ritual

Rory Willats "Come, Fur(r)ies, Dance: Desire and Ritual"

Come, Fur(r)ies, Dance! is a series of devised performance experiments exploring how masculinity is navigated, manipulated, and remade in virtual communities. This performance combines the live motion data from three different spheres of pedestrian gesture to create a new choreography–a launching point from which to explore how these flows manifest within and between the hybrid body.

Director: Rory Willats

Choreographer: Kat Hickey

Dancers: Lauren Guthrie, Georgia Morgan, Maggie Ogle, River Weill

Production Stage Manager: Amaya Walsh Saldivar

Lighting Designer: Stephen Migdal

Sound Architect: Asta Baker

Composer: Nicki Duval

Media Content Designer: Ashley Wrenn A.

Dramaturg: Astrid Hypernova

Light Board Operator: Claudia Pilch-Caton

Sound Board Operator: William Macdonald

Media Operator: Ella Currie

Run Crew: Omar Villasenor

A2: Giovanni Lomeli-Mejia

Digital Arts Technical Coordinator: Colleen Jennings

Technology Supervisor: Eric Mack

Technology Assistant: Kayla Doder

Production Engineers: Cassidy Carlson, Kario Chin, Jackey Genna, Stephen Migdal

Light Hang Crew: Connor Burd, Ruby Kastner, Ethan Lepe, Angus Leslie, Jaq Moore, Louise Santia, Seira Yau

Production Manager: Jenaro Ordoñez

Marketing and Public Relations: Maureen Dixon Harrison

Arts Assistant Director of Events: Sabrina Eastwood

Arts Event Managers: Jessica Abramson, Michael Flora

Front-of-House Managers: Lauren Elscott, Rosie Longo, Sophia Partida, Amy Radinsky, Gina Schneider

Ushers: Nyah Bolger, Jennacess Carreon, Amanda Knox, Sally Lichner, Brandon Miao, Sonya Ontiveros, Katie Peck, Angela Rangel, Summer Rogers, Brian Zhang

Special Thanks to Mario Arango, AuxieFox, Doc Chemers, Brennen Edwards, emptea_, Samir Ghosh, Yolande Harris, Karlton Hester, Princess Kannah, Rose Klein, Matthew Komar, Patrick Kvachkoff, Jessie Mills, Mycana, Mark Nash, Maggie Ogle, Larrye Shea, Patrick Stephenson, Ted Warburton, Marianne Weems, and Bennett Williamson

From the 2023 DANM MFA Exhibition "Heap is Full".