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2006 MFA Exhibition :: DANM.01

Jess Damsen "Media Mural Project"

Friday, June 16, 2006 - 7:00am to Sunday, June 18, 2006 - 7:00am




The Master of Fine Arts program in Digital Arts and New Media joined the public in a very special celebration and exhibition.

Imagine the wide open portion of the Digital Media Factory transformed from a dark empty warehouse to an exhibition dotted with pools of light and moving color images, and filled with ambient sound. Cables stretch and snake throughout the 28,000 square foot concrete building, feeding electricity and internet connectivity to ten installations, each exploring another aspect of the varied world of digital media.

The first graduating class of UCSC's DANM MFA program exhibited original works of digital and new media art from June 16-18, 2006 at the Digital Media Factory, 2809 Mission Street, Santa Cruz. Eleven new artists premiered cutting-edge video and animation, special projection presentations, participatory performance pieces, sound installations, web art and much more.

The opening reception was Friday, June 16 at 7pm. It was very well attended and a high and exciting time for exhibitors and audience alike.

The exhibit remained open Saturday June 17 (10-6) and Sunday June 18, (10-4). Christopher Ramirez performed at 8:15 pm at the opening and at 1 pm on Saturday.

The reception and exhibition were free and open to the public. For more information, contact Felicia Rice, DANM Program Manager, at or 831 459-1554 or visit for interviews or photos.

Founded in 2004, the Digital Media Factory is a multi-business facility for the design, development, production, replication, management, and distribution of digital information products. Located in Santa Cruz, California on the third floor of the former Wrigley's Building at Western Drive and Mission Street (satellite photo: DMF provides an operational base for organizations that serve the digital communication needs of business, education, government, entertainment and local communities. Thanks to the Digital Media Factory and Ow Family Properties for their support.

UCSC’s Digital Arts and New Media (DANM) program is at the forefront of a new discipline that merges the creative and academic potential of digital media and emerging artforms in exciting and unfamiliar ways. DANM was established in 2004 to address the increasingly central role of digital technology in the arts and to examine the impact of digital arts on culture. The program offers a two-year MFA program that brings together students and faculty from across the art and academic spectra to collaborate on artistic practice and scholarly research.

Please feel free to contact our graduating class for interviews or photos

Jess Damsen Media Mural Project

Collaborative video and music for distribution on Internet and TV. (Archive at starts June 1st.)

Darryl Ferrucci Gamelan Lumina

A system elucidating the inner structure of West Javanese gamelan music, by means of a live visual display.

Bob Giges Nightingale

An interactive hypertext work that explores a play’s script and its theoretical underpinnings.

Timothy Jordan Untitled

An active tour of Timothy's work with media in theater including video, production stills, diagrams, and text.

Daniel Massey Autoturista

A media installation which draws upon visual, tangible, and sonic artifacts from the Mexicali/Calexico border crossing in exploring the contradictory presence of the souvenir in a tourist-less border region.

Michael Dale and Abram Stern (aka aphid) Metavid

Metavid seeks to capture, stream, archive and facilitate real-time collective [re]mediation of government proceedings:

Alana Perlin Interactive Interiors | Home Project

An environment where individuals fashion their living spaces through interactive, web-based navigation.

Christopher Angel Ramirez Untitled

Narrating Pieces from the Lives of Latino (Gay) Men.

Michella Rivera-Gravage Train Tracks

A perpetually unfolding collection of downloadable audio programs, Train Tracks is a combination of interviews with riders, histories about the SF BART system, and ambient/musical elements.

Tiffany Wong My Orientalist Fantasy

A triology video-installation that focuses on the notion of desire as diatribe.