Digital Arts and New Media: MFA: Collaboration, Innovation, Social Impact

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Student Research Skills

Skills and Research Interests:

  • 2D Based Arts Practice and Knowledge (Painting and Drawing)
  • Project Management (Seeking Symbiosis, Santa Cruz Wastewater Walk 2018)
  • Interdisciplinary Research (OpenLab Research Group UCSC, the Ecology & Evolutionary Biology DepartmentUCSC)
  • Teaching Experience (3+ years in K-12 all subjects, and Teaching Assistant (UCSC Art Department)


Digital language arts; abstract algebra and category theory; pataphysics and nonsense; games and interactive media; linguistics and poetry/fiction; and Bourbaki and the OuLiPo.

Western Art Music theory/history/performance/composition

Electronic music production/recording/performance/history/broadcast, both digital and analog (DAWs, mixing/mastering, mic setup, modular synths, reel-to-reel recording, etc)

Digital image editing, 3D modeling and printing, video art (Adobe Suite, data bending, data moshing, glitch techniques, MakerBot, Bevel, Maya, Meshmixer, 3D Builder, etc)

German language

Housing Crisis/Community Development

Interdisciplinary creative applications and performance

Programming (Arduino, HTML, Javascript, Max/MSP, Processing, Pure Data)

Soldering, Welding (Arc, FCAW, MIG, Oxy-Acetylene, TIG)




360° Imaging, Digital Photography, Projection Mapping, Light Painting, Astrophotography, Optics, Geometry, Ecology, Topography, GIS Mapping, Environmental Art & Timescales. 

I am an experienced programmer, interactive media artist, game developer, and entrepreneur with a passion for learning, teaching, and collaboration. In addition to these main areas of experience, my undergraduate background consists of an eclectic mix of humanities, film studies, philosophy, writing, computer science, art, and physics: I like to learn new things, and connect the dots between disciplines.

Particular research interests:

Interactive media, computational media, nonlinear media, hypertext, serious games, art games, the poetics of games.

Relevant skills and experience:

  • Programming / Web Development (10+ years)
  • Game Design / Interactive Media Art (10+ years)
  • Entrepreneurship (6 years)
  • Teaching Experience (3 years)

Behavior of Virtual People, Sroty-telling in Virtual Reality, Virtual relationships and experiences, Role-Play and Identity construction in Video-Games and Virtual-worlds.

interactive installations, physical computing, color theory, queerness, play, meaning-making