Digital Arts and New Media: MFA: Collaboration, Innovation, Social Impact

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Student Works

Come, Fur(r)ies, Dance! is a series of devised performance experiments exploring how masculinity is navigated, manipulated, and remade in virtual communities. This performance combines the live motion data from three different spheres of pedestrian gesture to create a new choreography–a... [more]

Smoked Out was an experimental new work about the CZU Lightning Complex fires of 2020 and more importantly, the structural hurdles that those attempting to rebuild afterwards have faced. Out of the 911 homes destroyed during the fires, only 24 have been fully rebuilt over the intervening 32... [more]

A leather sex sling, hand crafted from materials officially purchased through UCSC research funding, hangs dramatically in the center of a darkened gallery between CRT televisions which speak through static blips about transformative group sex experiences. As a visitor you are encouraged to... [more]

This project is an immersive experience and visual narrative in the form of sociopolitical fiction. The project is designed to inhabit both virtual and physical spaces. I use virtual reality (VR) technologies and installation since these technologies can provide an immersive interactive... [more]

Wandering is an interactive installation that illuminates physical and emotional entanglement with screen devices and the Internet. It uses motion tracking technology, visual art programming, and display technology to create an immersive experience, highlighting the constant distraction... [more]

Titled, “Untitled” presents a compendium of language games by the artist, created in conversation with various models of language. It compiles games in an online wiki and presents them individually in a reading room installation, referencing and then implementing various theoretical... [more]

When conceiving my MFA production I knew I wanted to explore my identity; what does it mean to be stripped of all the context of your history and grow up “creating” a relationship with your ancestry across the globe? What results is a fragmented and layered group of choices that must literally... [more]

In the age of machine learning and virtual reality, the human body becomes an image, one both generated and analyzed by these technologies. Classification Cube invites viewers to step into a real-virtual grid and compare the physical body with the virtual one.

From the... [more]

Stitching Solidarity creates an enclosed space out of quilts embroidered with images representing the lived experiences of young Muslim people. The cathartic dialogue within their hand-stitched memories reflects conflicting notions of belonging and citizenship that resonate with Muslim... [more]

Games of the Oppressed creates a scaffolding for playing games critically and thoughtfully, with intention. It implicates players as designers. Following from the work of Augusto Boal and Paulo Freire, it seeks to break down the barrier between players and designers. Players change the rules... [more]

{ remnants } of a { ritual } is an immersive installation that explores the crossroads of memory, crystallization, love and longing. Seeded with media from the artist’s past, this living archive invites participants to engage with artifacts undergoing cultural and alchemical... [more]

Finding Norma is a video installation that depicts my work of investigation centered on the transnational and fragmentary archives of the Brazilian queer filmmaker Norma Bahia Pontes (1941-2010), from her films during the Cinema Novo in Brazil and France to lesbian feminist videotapes... [more]

CLOTH^3 consists of a cloth simulated cube rendered in 3 different ways: crocheted, 3D printed, and rendered on the screen. Each method involves a different configuration of labor between the computer and the artist and affords different modes of interaction, both in touch and sight. The history... [more]

Resonant Waves: Immersed in Geometry reveals hidden and overlooked beauty in the familiar. It visualizes the surprising phenomenon of vibrating water, using sound to generate intricate, dancing, visual, geometric patterns, while also exploring the effect of vibration on our... [more]

Neither Contradictory nor Coincidental is an interactive installation that challenges the stigma associated with dyslexia. The piece contains interactive text that outlines the structural differences of the dyslexic cerebral cortex. Rather than viewing them as something to be corrected... [more]