Digital Arts and New Media: MFA: Collaboration, Innovation, Social Impact

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Student Works

CLOTH^3 consists of a cloth simulated cube rendered in 3 different ways: crocheted, 3D printed, and rendered on the screen. Each method involves a different configuration of labor between the computer and the artist and affords different modes of interaction, both in touch and sight. The history... [more]

Videogames After Poetry is a collection of videogame poems. Some were created in direct response to written poetry, while others offer meditations inspired by the artist’s daily life. All seek to reimagine videogames as a medium of poetic expression.

From the... [more]

The Last Galician Switchboard is an interactive multi-screen video installation that follows a switchboard operator haunted by family left behind in Eastern Europe. The piece incorporates familial letters and excerpts from Yiddish theatre, literature, and folklore. The work continues the lineage... [more]

{ remnants } of a { ritual } is an immersive installation that explores the crossroads of memory, crystallization, love and longing. Seeded with media from the artist’s past, this living archive invites participants to engage with artifacts undergoing cultural and alchemical... [more]

DUST WARNING (Does Albemarle know about this?) is a project that considers our dependency on the metal lithium. Lithium is the lightest metal on Earth and an unseen material in most of our electronic devices. Lithium is critical to our consumption and creation of digital media. It is... [more]

Code-Switching is a film and game space that explores the dynamics of how racism communicates in a society that clings to thinly-veiled racist values and policies. Using elements of deeply personal experience and historical symbolism, it works to problematize the concept of whiteness... [more]

JOYGRIEF is a multi-channel sound installation. It samples an array of multiple interviews conducted by the artist. Through these interviews, common and divergent themes emerge, connecting visitors to the human experience and leaving them to meditate on some of life’s most difficult... [more]

blood play is a queer gothic installation that consists of posters with QR codes that link to game fragments and printed zines containing narrative and theory.

Games are unique among media because they allow for—in fact, they almost always depend upon—user interaction. there is... [more]

Resonant Waves: Immersed in Geometry reveals hidden and overlooked beauty in the familiar. It visualizes the surprising phenomenon of vibrating water, using sound to generate intricate, dancing, visual, geometric patterns, while also exploring the effect of vibration on our... [more]

In the age of machine learning and virtual reality, the human body becomes an image, one both generated and analyzed by these technologies. Classification Cube invites viewers to step into a real-virtual grid and compare the physical body with the virtual one.

From the... [more]

Fair Sai Re Pi LLC is a project in reimagining a pyramid scheme company that appropriated Chinese Traditional Medicine to a fictional corporation offering Fire Therapy Treatment, inheriting the wisdom from the ancient Shennong AI. Through bringing audience in a fictional immersive VR... [more]

When conceiving my MFA production I knew I wanted to explore my identity; what does it mean to be stripped of all the context of your history and grow up “creating” a relationship with your ancestry across the globe? What results is a fragmented and layered group of choices that must literally... [more]

Enviro-Envision is an interactive installation that reflects research about the complex interactions that happen within the Santa Cruz coastal redwood ecosystem. In non- linear narrative form, it reveals the effects and consequences of human-induced climate change on local environments... [more]